Journey America

  • 40 Episodes
  • Half-Hour, Non-Scripted Series


Journey America follows modern cowboy Filipe Leite as he rides horseback for over eight years, from Northern Canada to Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina, also known as “the End of the World.” On the adventure of a lifetime, Leite and his trusty steeds traverse nearly 30,000 miles and more than a dozen national borders.

Inspired by the legendary long riders of the early 1900s, Leite moves slowly from town to town, engaging with locals, hearing their stories, and sharing his own. A multi-lingual millennial journalist, Leite documents his journey alone, offering an inimitable first-person account of the Americas that has captured the hearts and minds of supporters and followers all over the world.

For more information, as well as first-hand accounts from Leite’s travels, please visit

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