OutwildTV Adventure Series

  • 15 Episodes
  • Half-Hour, Non-Scripted Series


Follow intrepid explorers as they travel to far-flung, unspoiled regions across the world while studying the local culture, history, and environment.

Drill Project — American biologists on Africa’s Bioko Island track the critically-endangered drill monkey and bring back the only footage of this elusive animal ever captured in the wild. Follow the exploits of young scientists Justin Jay and Lisa Sinclair as they endeavor to not only document, but to save, one of the rarest primate species on earth.

Frozen Frontier — From noted explorer Mikael Strandberg comes this extraordinary journey across Siberia by reindeer sled in temperatures 50 degrees below zero. Accompanied by nomadic herdsmen, Strandberg spends two months traversing the coldest inhabited place on earth, a saga that affords him rare access to a disappearing way of life for the people who have lived in this remote region for thousands of years.

In Search: Tibesti — British historian Jeremy Curl travels to the Tibesti Mountains of northern Chad on a mission to locate and document ancient petroglyphs, some of the oldest surviving records of early human life. Accompanied only by two camels and a local Tubu guide, Curl must endure a grueling 1,000-kilometer trek across the heart of the Sahara. Along the way, he faces threats of dehydration, incarceration, and much more, putting this seasoned desert explorer’s skills to the ultimate test.

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